Pholio sets your digital photos free

Have you got thousands of images saved in the Cloud, on hard drives, mobile devices or computers? Do you ever look back through them? Do you even know what personal treasures you may have hidden in your life’s collections?

Pholio is a brilliant bit of kit that uses machine learning to set your photos free.

It’s a secure personal image archive: once connected, Pholio collects all of your digital photos and videos together -- wherever they are saved -- and automatically indexes them.

The clever bit is, Pholio uses the latest visual recognition technology to make your searching effortless. Images that you thought were ‘lost’ or forgotten can be found within seconds.

Where will your photos take you?

No more opening scans and tediously searching folders and files: Pholio takes you straight to the people, the time, and the place you want to go.

It’s intuitive to use, and learns from you, helping you to discover (and rediscover) the images you most want to see.

As part of the first stage seeding for Pholio, we explored using emotive explanations in the first person.

 ““I’ve got thousands of un-named files and scans on my computer and thousands more in the Cloud and on my phone. I never seem to find time to search through and view.”

 “I wish there was an easy way of getting to my memories, to remember some good times and to share with others.”

“Pholio has put all of my precious photos within reach again -- and I can find anything within seconds.”

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