The Up Group

The Up Group brings together exceptional digital talent and the world’s most innovative digital companies.

Steelstar helped to redesign (and redefine) their sponsorship packs to promote Digital Masters, their hugely successful programme of industry events throughout the year.

We looked at tone of voice and positioning to produce a presentation that would impress Europe's leading digital executives, investors and entrepreneurs to join the partnership programme and take advantage of its exclusive benefits. 

We produce a quarterly thought leadership publication ‘Digital Mastered’ as well as supporting their annual programme of business events across Europe with tailored event collateral.

“Over the past couple of years Steelstar has helped us to communicate The Up Group brand over a variety of different medium, and produced a wide variety of marketing collateral to support our growth and international expansion. Martin is simply brilliant to work with – he is super-responsive, comes up with fresh and innovative approaches and delivers excellent work in time and budget.”

Alex Hazell, (Former Director), The Up Group

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