Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a multi-utility provider it currently handles over 500,000 customer accounts with the help of over 40,000 independent distributors. 

Utility Warehouse supplies customers with landline telephony, mobile telephony, broadband, gas, and electricity. They are a challenger brand to the 'Big' 6.

Switch to online bills

Our first campaign at Steelstar was to create a series of adverts to encourage customers to switch to online billing. Traditional paper billing has a significant cost to the business and also to the environment.

Our idea was to inspire the customers to change their behaviour through a very simple call to action combined with a fun and visual approach using the bill in an origami fashion with a direct action via a bespoke url. 

Home moves direct mail

Moving home and switching energy suppliers is usually a frustrating and unrewarding experience. Holding onto customers when they move home is a huge challenge for any energy supplier as they are likely to inherit the existing energy supplier. Our mail pack was designed to encourage existing customers to contact UW at their earliest convenience to make sure that they receive a seamless service change over on the day they move. We also took the opportunity to promote the additional features of being a UW customer through a lifestyle magazine and selection of tailor made promotions.

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